urban wanderings iii

Three pubs for a Sunday.

i) The George Inn, Southwark, just off Borough High Street, facing a humorless contemporary bar called Heeltap. It was built in 1677, was a popular coaching inn in the 1800s and ‘the George’ even gets a brief mention in Little Dorrit. Now it’s a stop-gap between trains from London Bridge, a seat to wash 20 minutes away with forgettable ale.

ii) The Britannia, Borough. Accessed through Guy Street Park, where a squirrel lifted an almond out of my palm with tiny claws. A vast selection of whiskies drawn across three blackboards, with only name, price and alcohol content – and a barmaid to narrow them down to sweet, peat, and oak. Glenkinchie was the sweet option, a single shot served without water, although a little bronze tap grew out of the bar for those who required it. .

iii) The Bird’s Nest, Deptford, which once had a grander appellation: the Oxford Arms. A month after Hallowe’en black paper bats hung from the ceiling (they had hung there all year) and a small stage in the corner hosted the Open Mic Hip Hop night. They have ale on tap now, mainly Truman’s, which has started brewing again in Hackney Wick.

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